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Nowadays there are many ways to find a lost pet. CLANIMAL website offers a flyer that you can complete to increase your chances of finding it.

In most cases, the loss of a pet will be as difficult to live as a family member loss, because our pets are full members of our families and their loss can cause huge troubles. If you have a family with young children, they may well be inconsolable noting the loss of their pet.

Lost dog finderThere are several ways to find a lost pet and CLANIMAL offers you one by becoming a member of our site by filling out a flyer specially designed to facilitate your search. You only have to answer the suggested questions and then put a recent photo of your pet. This flyer has been created to be easily printed with the highly visible red logo CLANIMAL  on it.

The flyer can also be shared in different social networks to be seen by the most people possible.

In addition, the website CLANIMAL is a great way to share the flyer of your lost pet with people who love animals like you and who will not hesitate to help.

Nowadays, there are several lost dog finders to help you find a lost pet. The simplest is the collar of your dog wearing an ID tag and a number corresponding to your dog’s identity.

Tattooing is another device that can be used as a lost dog finder. As with the collar, it will have a number tattooed corresponding to its identity.

Using a microchip implanted in your dog’s skin is also a good lost dog finder. Using a special scanner, it will be easy to identify your dog in the various centers and animal shelters or in a veterinarian.

Finally, the GPS location is becoming increasingly popular because it is a very accurate way to find your lost pet.

This GPS device is attached to the collar of your pet and it will track your pet very precisely. It will be very easy to find it using a computer or a cell phone.

This device can even establish safety zones. They are programmed into the device and if your pet is found outside the safe areas, you will receive a warning by a text message on your cell phone or computer, or by an audible beep from its necklace.

The best way to find a lost pet is to anticipate before the event happens. If you really care about your pet, it is better for you to use devices using advanced technology that will facilitate greatly the work to find your lost pet.

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