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  • Diane Daoust

    impressionnant, peu ou pas de partis répondent a cette question. Ils ne savent peut être pas qu’il existe. Faites-passer le message et venez vérifier les résultats

    • The Guy

      Chère Diane,
      Le communiqué a été transmis en français et en anglais à toutes les organisations de nouvelles au Québec ainsi qu’à 5000 site web en français et près de 1000 en anglais. Pourquoi il ne s’en empare pas? Peut-être que si PKP avait un chien ou un chat (il appert qu’il en avait lors de son ex-union…) et qu’il se prononcerais, les médias donneraient alors de l’attention.
      J’ai donc besoin de la population et si la communauté web pouvait commencer à porter le “ballon” nous pourrions ainsi mettre le sujet sur la place de l’actualité.
      Pouvez-vous aider Diane?

  • The Guy

    C’est gentil de le demander!
    non c’est du tapis imitation de cèdre
    Voulez vous l’adresse du magasin où il a été acheté?

  • Lentement mais sûrement

    C’était un compliment. Vous avez un beau chez vous, c’est tout.

    • The Guy

      Au travers vos commentaires avez-vous au moins écouter le hockey?
      ps: il “appert” s’écrit comme ça non “appaire”

  • Mo

    Other Dubai landlords are doing this… DUBAI MUNICIPALITY DOES NOT PREVENT PETS IN DUBAI APARTMENTS AND SAID IT CAN PROSECUTE ANYONE USING NON-EXISTENT MUNICIPALITY RULINGS AS AN EXCUSE. Record them, get the evidence and report Taziz Property Management and any other landlord to the Municipality. 04 2891114

  • Daniel Racine

    Je ccrois qu’on doit allez jusqu’au bout Merci!

  • Charlene Myers

    Thanks so much for your work on behalf of this dog, for sharing the petition, and for everything else you do for animals!

  • Ying Li

    Such a sweet , good dog! Owner and dog look great in the jersey!

  • mosaic tiles

    Thanks for sharing your info. I really appreciate
    your efforts and I am waiting for your further post thank you once again.

  • Camille

    Cher monsieur,

    Vous avez l’air d’avoir beaucoup de plaisir avec votre animal, et c’est très bien. Il a l’air d’être bien traité.

    Mais c’est un peu…ridicule tout cela? St-Valentin, Pâques… les gens ne commentent même pas vos photos, alors pourquoi y mettez vous autant de temps?

    Il faut que quelqu’un vous le dise, c’est étrange et surtout, inquiétant tout cela.

    Merci et bonne chance avec tout cela. N’hésitez surtout pas à aller chercher l’aide qu’il faut avant qu’il ne soit trop tard.

    • The Guy

      Monsieur ou Madame Villeneuve (?)
      D’abord merci pour le caractère généreux de vos commentaires (il y a vraiment beaucoup de matière là-dedans!) et excusez mon retard à vous répondre.
      Ensuite, quoi écrire d’autre qu’il semble que vous manquez la subtilité de la manière dont le message est passé autant que son contenu (avez vous au moins pris le temps de lire?). À voir par le ton et le “non dit” (ou le non écrit) de vos propos, il serait probable que vous n’avez pas d’animal de compagnie, car si vous en aviez un vos propos ne seraient pas vitrioliques, comme ils le sont.
      Enfin, vos propos démontrent le paradoxe évident de votre intervention:
      1) Comment savez vous si j’ai “beaucoup” de plaisir avec mon animal de compagnie et qu’il “soit bien traité” tout en approuvant la façon dont (vous pensez que) j’agit avec celui-ci? et
      2) Ensuite vous déterminez que mes interventions sont “ridicules”(d’ailleurs pour quelqu’un qui dit que je perd mon temps, ne pensez vous pas perdre le vôtre à me lire et commenter comme vous le faites?)+ que les gens ne commentent pas les photos (à ce sujet, vous pourriez lire sur les média sociaux où sont publiées lesdites photos, et ce n’est pas le nombre de commentaires qui ont de l’importance car à ce titre, les “âmes seules aux poses suggestives” qui pullulent sur le net à la recherche “d’amis” attirent beaucoup de commentaires et on ne peut certainement leurs accoler l’étiquette de “qualité ou de respectueux”!)et
      3) Quant à vos commentaires sur ce qui semble être mes capacités intellectuelles (comme les animaux je ne le prends pas personnel) et votre utilisation des qualificatifs tels que “étrange”, “inquiétant” ou commentaire à l’effet que “j’aille chercher de l’aide”: vous n’êtes certainement pas un professionnel de la santé (vous ne pourriez pas faire ce genre de commentaire!).Alors n’ayant pas les compétences professionnelles, sur quelle base médicale ou scientifique vous appuyez vous pour ce faire. Vous êtes probablement un genre de “troll” (et pas du meilleur genre à ce niveau!) et bien que toute opinion peut-être donnée (et être généralement respectée), la qualité de la vôtre n’apporte rien au bien-être de mon animal de compagnie, du mien ou des animaux et des humains en général. Je vous souhaite tout le bonheur que vous acceptez d’avoir dans votre vie.

  • Annie

    This is heart-breaking. Saddest part is I’m sure it will work very well for them… all except for the pups.

  • KimEija

    I run into, literally, this majestic dog during MONTREAL F1 race weekend. What a nice chance encounter!!! What a majestic and gentle dog! He did not react to any of the crazyness of F1 revellers!!! Now you have fans North of the Artic Circle in Finland!

  • Annie

    You bring up some good points here. However, I think that ‘humanization’ of pet treatments has been put in place for quite a while already…for profit yes, in some cases, but but mostly created by demand, on the basis that most people ‘humanize’ their pets themselves, calling them their ‘babies’ and ‘part of the family’. Many pet owners would accept nothing less!! I also disagree with Ritalin or other drugs treating hyper-activity in children (except maybe in very rare extreme cases of proven brain or neurological disfunction), because like you say, lack of exercise, diet (ie. too much sugar intake)and discipline is usually the cause, so drugs are just the ‘easy way out’ to avoid responsiblity.
    Same with pets, if you exercise, feed, and train them properly, there should be no need for drugs to compensate (except maybe in very rare exceptional cases where there is clear evidence of neurological disfunction).
    This is really a 2-sided issue for me…
    I personally believe that chemo therapy for animals with cancer(costing up to $30,000) is a bit much, but at the same time, can not judge someone who would do ANYTHING to save the life of their pet…because to them it is loved like a child, like family. The love of a pet is so unconditional, contrary to that of humans.
    So I’m on the fence with this issue… I both agree that humanization of pet care has it’s good and bad sides, is both extreme, yet justified.

  • Fiona Presho

    A very beautiful & pertinent poem as I lie here with my beautiful companion, Lulu my beagle dog who has travelled with me from my prison of depression & ill health to wellness & joy. She is a God given gift & as I have visual issues myself & have worked voluntarily with Guide Dogs for the Blind, I know how a dog can change a life from darkness to light, prison to freedom & loneliness to love. Well done for bringing this plight or blight to human attention !

  • Marty

    We need to spread the message.
    The future of humanity depends on it.

  • Hélène Lavery

    Thank you, Fiona, for sharing your experience. You should post your personal story or write on behalf of a guide dog that you met during your voluntary work. It would enlighten the lives of many.

  • The Guy

    Thanks Estella for sharing your story and we hope you will share many more with Clanimal friends!

  • Debbie Mock

    Virus, I am so used to seeing you as
    the big strong adult dog. Thank you for sharing your youngster pictures with us. You were adorable, but I love Great Danes as adults. You look so regal and majestic. Have a great day, Virus!

  • Debbie Lovern

    Thank you for doing this for my sister. She was a kind a caring person and loved her family and all animals. She did alot of good in helping rescuing animals and giving them a better life

  • Debbie Mock

    Good article, Virus. I once had my craft room redecorated by my 1 year old male boxer.I had him crated in that room while I was at work. I would come home at lunch time to take him outside. When I opened
    the door, there was Buck standing there with a hot pink feather boa around his neck, glitter all over him and he was wrapped up in yarn. The room was trashed. He taught himself how to open his crate door. He was just standing in front of me with his wiggle butt going.I couldn’t be mad at him because of the boa. He was so sweet.

  • Debbie Mock

    Virus, I like the way you think. My four-legged buddy, Toby is bonded to me as I am to him. It saddens me to think of humans not getting along. I would like for people of all religions, colors, economic wealth, disabled, etc. to be able to sit down and talk with each other instead of fighting and going to war. My Toby is afraid of other animals, but he doesn’t become agressive. He turns and walks away or he looks for me to save him.

  • Debbie Mock

    Harambe was a gorgeous animal. It’s too bad it ended the way it did.

  • Samuel Landry

    Big cat are always funny ☺ only when they are behind protective glass

  • Helena Arroyo

    Noelle, thanks so much for translating my articles!!!! I just saw it today! I am posting them in my FB page “Las anecdotas de Helena”
    Helena Arroyo

  • Helena Arroyo

    Noelle, thanks so much for translating my articles!!!! I just saw it today! I am posting them in my FB page “Las anecdotas de Helena”
    Helena Arroyo

  • Virginia

    I enjoyed this article very much!!!
    I love hearing personal experiences from people with an innate zest for life and love of the natural world.

  • E. Madaro

    I am looking for a female Pug. A dog that needs a loving home, and will not be left alone for more than one or two hours per week.

    • The Guy

      Hi E Madaro,
      Thanks for your comment and I would like to invite you to complete our questionnaire The Dog’s Choice, here on and you will be able to match your personality with the best 3 choices among 76 breeds of dogs. So if the female Pug you want is the one for you, she will definitely find you! If not, that means that for the time being, it could be another dog and with the help of the community, your desired female Pug would become available for you! And if you love our questionnaire, share with your friends and family!
      Clanimal is always there for you, Thanks,

  • Erin

    Any dog can bite… not just dogs over 20kg… yes bites from larger dogs are more severe but a larger dog uses its bite as a last resort… its hackles go up, it growls, snarles, and barks first… a smaller dog attacks first because it doesn’t have a powerful presence and must prove they need to be feared… this law is so arcane and ridiculous… for me, it’s not the dog but the human who trained the dog that should be held accountable… I mean, we blame the parents of kids who are out of control don’t we?

    • The Guy

      We cannot agree with you more and we thank you for your comment!
      Like you wrote, parents are responsible for unruly kids so as guardians of animals, Clanimal says we have the same responsibility (make sure they behave properly as animals in public and that we never impose our pet to other people who do not feel at ease or are afraid) We live in a society where the freedom of one stops where another one’s freedom begins (as they say).At Clanimal, we have been promoting, for the last 4-5 years, mandatory courses for anyone welcoming an animal into their lives so they are given the knowledge and the tools to make this relationship great for humans and animals alike! Thanks again for your comments and please share with your network so we can get more people telling “Bully Coderre” that it’s time he listens to us and do what’s best for us !

  • Grace wanyura

    It is obvious the Mayor has zero common sense and zero dog sense.

    If someone doesn’t like animals, they will not have empathy for people either.
    His viewpoint that only dogs over 20 lbs can be harmful if they bite is ridiculous.
    His understanding of service dogs is minimal. And his lack of compassion for those who need their service dogs (by suggesting their dogs are dangerous rather than offering help and hope) is a disgusting affront to their owners. What about seeing eye dogs?
    Has he ever had a dog? Some dogs might bite, some cats might scratch, some horses might kick, and some people might beat their kids, murder other people and partake in all sorts of atrocities. And If we teach our kids to be suspicious of others because of what is and maybe’s don’t we call that racism?
    Isn’t that what the Nazi party was all about?

    • The Guy

      Thank you very much Grace for your opinion.
      We agree with you that “Bully Coderre” (and we nicknamed him…”Bully” because he, like you wrote, shows no empathy towards montreal dog owners, and he just “rams through” whatever he wants to do, to the population of Montreal, in this case, without being backed-up or having done his homework prior to having the by-law into effect).
      Basically, he stated that he was going to protect and “secure” the population and for one very sad situation (yet, if the actual cause of death could be known, it would shed important light on the matter), like the politicians we choose to elect, he decided to react to get rid of the problem the fastest way possible, disregarding common sense and science in the matter!
      Now, if he doesn’t want to loose face (and he is very stubborn) he will not back off, unless the population make him understand he crossed a line that will cost him dearly in the next election. The fact that the by-law covers even service/working dogs is also another highly questionable point in the legislation. Even though, as we have written, there is no difference between the behaviour of a service/working dog and any other dog (a dog is a dog, and still is a dog, and will always be a…dog!)! Prior to “working” (or performing a task), first and foremost, it is a dog with everything that it means (yes a service/working dog can and will bite, given the right circumstances…any behaviourist will confirm that!). It just shows how he (like you said) lacks the empathy towards his fellow citizen and animals!
      Thank you for your support Grace, and please share the posting as much as possible, so we can get the population to rise up above mayor “Bully Coderre” disrespect for responsible montreal dog owners!

  • Katiuska Parraga

    I am totally agree with you!

  • Zebra57

    VIDEO on Bruno missing……sound like a great unique dog!! :)

    • The Guy

      Totally and thanks so much for your comments

  • Eric Racicot

    Thank you for sharing my life, my reality every day. Thank you for believing in the intelligence and behavioral power that a dog can bring to a person with post-traumatic syndrome. Eric Racicot

    • The Guy

      You are very welcome Eric and since Clanimal’s mission is to constantly improve humans and animals relations, your story is very important to help every one understand what people with PTSD go through every day and what organizations like Stella ca (and will) do for them! We are looking forward to you starting your regular presence on!

  • Kimi Sharma

    This is Bu****t
    Bl****y people
    Animals are not their food
    Stop this

  • Kimi Sharma

    Atleast fear of God, of Karma
    Stop this murder in name of festival

    • The Guy

      And one thing that will certainly make the authorities move is the commercial boycott of products coming from that region. trust me, Chinese authorities are very sensitive to financial burdens…That’s the only way cause petition doesn’t change anything…look at what all the petitions have done…change nothing!
      The Guy at

  • Thériault

    The law on harness or haltee for dogs over 20 kg is ridiculous. Harnesses are for pulling so the owner has less control , and haltees are extremely dangerous if not used correctly. Dogs have been held with a collar for 2000 years !!! I should know , I’m a dog walker !

    • The Guy

      You are absolutely right on! In addition, Mayor Bully Coderre said that this measure was to control aggressive dogs and protect the population…Coming out of the mouth of a politiian…There is absolutely no scientific evidence to support the use of a alti or a harness. It makes the dog more uncomfortable and give a false sense of control to the guardian of the animal.
      The Guy at

  • Terrill Root

    I am the very proud Pappa of an 8 month old male American Boxer pup. Yes, he has a docked tail and NO he does not have his ears cropped. In my case, my pup had his tail procedure done when he was a baby and thus far he is a very rambunctious, curious and playful puppy. I do not feel it necessary to have his ears done ( too late now anyways) but his little tail nub is a source of many joyous playtime’s as he loves it when I tease him by grabbing at it. As for the ear thing, that is totally unnecessary and I personally think might have caused hearing issues especially in the cold winter’s we have. The point I guess is to each his own and if you don’t agree with any of the normal”modifications” then don’t do it, but, on the other hand if this is what you consider beauty then by all means find a skilled vet and do it as young as possible. Like many issues these days,issues like these are always better being openly discussed and mutually reviewed by those it effects and not by those who do not own such fine friends as our pooches are.

  • Robert Lemieux

    good article, thank you.
    Fully agree that the SPCA is NOT fulfilling it mandate by pis*ing away money by targeting solely the “Pit Bull” clauses of the legislation.
    and Demagogue Codingue doesn’t care how much money it costs as long as they mention his name.

    • The Guy

      thanks Robert for your comment (just saw it)

  • AYCD

    Thank you for the great interview

  • MillaMilou

    Quite a hefty amount of subject matter here and I understand how one connects to the other. There are some very valid points being raised, I think starting with mandatory pet training is a good debut because although Virus may not pee in commercial areas, many dogs would. Just to be the devil’s advocate: How is a dog supposed to be trained to discern the difference between public areas and commercial areas? Maybe possible via voice commands, I don’t know. What deeply concerns me about animal/pet issues are the broken PEOPLE behind the matter. Even if we had programs to train people to be decent human beings, the reality is that some are just not wired to be that. I’ll give you an example, I went to Jean-Coutu and someone left his PUPPY tied outside the store on a cold rainy day and the puppy was violently shivering, it had no jacket or sweater. I went in the store and asked whose puppy was outside and when the man identified himself, I told him his puppy was shivering outside. He immediately lost it and started shouting obscenities at me, clearly demonstrating he was a psycho (pardon my lack of tact, it’s the best word to describe him honestly). I thought to myself “Poor dog!”. That is one of many examples I have encountered where no amount of training would help. I think another issue, just as important as training, would be to increase Animal Control organizations so that these types of people are punished and banned from owning animals. I did my part by publicly calling him out (humiliation). But again, how are we supposed to detect these things, or catch them immediately in the act?

  • MillaMilou

    My point being that if uncaring people like that can own animals, we can not expect them to have animals that will respect commercial property. So that’s where it becomes all or nothing because granting case by case permissions is unrealistic. I really wish we lived in a world where people and animals all got along, but there are unfortunately too many broken people for that to be possible, in my opinion.

    • The Guy

      Thanks for your comment. The idea is about being responsible for your animal behaviour wherever you are. So before you enter a store (or any commercial property) you make sure your pet does its “business” and while in the store (commercial property) pay attention to his body language to know if it wants to do #1 or #2.Finally, if your pet does something, be ready to pay for any costs it has incurred otherwise, it becomes public mischief (the law already exist, it’s called the civil code of quebec and criminal code).

    • The Guy

      Hi again and thanks again for your comment,
      To answer your first point (distinguishing between commercial and private spaces) is very simple: people just respond to the animal body language, your pet (in most cases, your dog) will let you know it wants to do a #1 or #2. Simply, it seeks it’s normal area for a #1 or #2, can also lag behind or quickly searches its “spot”. As for your incident outside a Jean Coutu, we command you for having called the irresponsible guardian about its behaviour with its dog. One thing we must say, is that teaching people about animal behaviour and other matters is not a guaranteed thing. Use the driver’s licence analogy. Even though we teach people how to drive, still to many show irresponsible behaviour (texting, drinking, being stoned while driving!) and cause accidents. As well even if we teach everyone , yes there will be people who want to do nothing about being responsible and will just do their own thing! That’s when the law can be applied. The “trick” is to write laws and by-laws in a pragmatic manner and in a simple language to take away any subjective application based on pre-conceived ideas or prejudices bored by certain people. There is no perfect approach, there is only a determined way to make people responsible, and at least, what Clanimal is proposing is better than what the politicians and certain animal organisations are doing, don’t you think? If you agree please share about what Clanimal stands for and is committed to do, everything helps!
      Thanks for your support and sharing about us,

  • The Guy

    what do you mean “that is alive”? This article was written to help people to understand how adoption procedure works.
    hope you found it interessting

  • Debbie Mock

    Merry Christmas to Bernard,Virus and the rest of the group. I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. The New Year is approaching soon. Celebrate but do it safely, both for your pets and yourself. Don’t drink and drive. There are plenty of organizations giving free rides to anyone who has been drinking and needs a ride. Please remember our pets don’t need or want alcohol. They will stick with water. Enjoy the holidays!

  • Debbie Mock

    Happy New Year to the Clanimal Family. Every year I choose a new word for the upcoming new year. Last year it was hope.This year the word I have selected is CHANGE. I am looking forward to personal change as well as spiritual change. I want to start seeing the world with new eyes. Of course my sweet Toby will be my side all the way.Bernard and Virus, thank you for starting Clanimal and continuing to improve it.Happy New Year everyone. Debbie Mock and Toby

  • Debbie Mock

    I love the titles you have given yourselves. It makes me laugh.

    • The Guy

      Glad it does Debby! (trust it is in the good sens of the word)

  • Tony Collard

    Get in touch or research Camille Labchuk
    @CamilleLabchuk on Twitter
    She’s SOLID

    • The Guy

      How well do you know her (please reply to my email) Tony, thanks, Bernard

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