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If you plan to travel with your pet, you have to establish before leaving a pet travel scheme that takes into account various factors imposed that could go through a quarantine room for your pet.

Some countries will require a quarantine for your pet to avoid some infectious diseases that your pet could introduce in their country. For many years, travelers had no alternative but to place their pets in quarantine after arrival.

However, the advent of identification techniques and best preventive medicines have managed to reduce significantly the quarantine period for pets, many years ago quarantine could last up to six months, but today it can last a few days.

Pet travel schemeHere is what will be expected in your pet travel scheme.

The implantation of a microchip in the neck of your dog or cat will be necessary. The chip will not be bigger than a grain of rice and will be implanted by injection by a veterinarian. This chip includes a unique identification number and is permanently connected with a central database. At each step of the listed procedures, the chip will be checked by a scanner that detects its individual number, the cost of this chip is usually between 15 and 40 dollars.

In addition, dogs and cats should have a vaccination book against contagious diseases, according to protocols established by the country you are visiting.

Rabies vaccination must be strictly administered, it can be done at any time, but this will usually be the first step of your pet travel scheme and it will often be installed next to the microchip.

When your dog or cat will have undergone all stages of the program, you will receive a kind of passport with a unique number in which all the details of the chip, vaccinations and blood tests will be listed next to the Pest Control administrative files.

CLANIMAL suggest you to visit its website and ask for specialists some informations that will be needed before you go and set up your pet travel scheme.

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