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Most dog owners you’ll meet probably fell in love the first time with their adorable puppy, but soon the puppy education will be a priority.

You and I know how a puppy can be cute, full of vitality and love. Despite all the effort you will put into its education, it will be difficult for you to start overcoming this love and affection by offering him a proper education, but this is very important from an early age. If you want your puppy to develop normally and become healthy dog and well socialized, you have to learn and understand the advice we’re giving for your puppy education.

Puppy educationDogs are animals that live in a pack and in a pack there is always a leader.

This is important for these animals because their whole life is based on this principle. Whether for mating or hunting, dogs will always be led by the head of the pack.

Healthy puppies will begin to learn very quickly whether for good or bad things. A puppy who does not receive sufficient education could develop habits that could quickly put you out of yourself. Many dog ​​owners will get rid of their puppy once it reaches adulthood because it has not received an education allowing him to live in society.

A fundamental principle in the puppy education will be obedience, as an obedient dog is the assurance of a rewarding experience with your dog.

One of the difficulties with which you must deal when you want to take care of the education of your puppy is their short memory, if for example your puppy made damage and you realize half an hour later it will be useless to correct it because it will have forgotten everything, you’ll understand that your puppy will learn through repetition and rewards in the form of food. Many dog ​​training schools will offer the positive rather than the negative method. The positive method is essentially based on the reward unlike the negative approach focus on punishment. The first method is the best!

Feel free to visit our website where you will get a lot of information concerning the puppy education and you can also talk with owners who can give you good advice on choosing a good school to take you’re your puppy education.

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