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If you are looking for a small dog for sale there are very good ways to find one like consulting a dedicated website, visiting a kennel or just going to a specialty store.

But before choosing a puppy for sale, it is important to know your intentions because the small dog requires a lot of attention and love, and that means you’ll have to deal with it for the next 15 years . The small dog breeds are ideal for people living in couples or single people, older people who are still autonomous will also be good candidates as small dog handler.

Puppy for saleBut before you choose the first puppy for sale, it is important to pay attention to the type of character that your puppy might have.

The better way to learn about it would be to visit some kennels in your area to see the puppy in person, there is nothing better than direct contact to choose the puppy of your dreams.

Furthermore, staff working in kennels are used to meet people like you and they should surprise you by their acuity to determine what type of puppy character suits you best. They will ask the right questions to determine the puppy that would be the happiest in your company.

Obviously, a small dog will require less grooming but require as much attention as any other dog. Owning a dog is not always a pleasure especially if he experiences occasionally health problems, minor or major, behavioral problems, etc.

Regarding the behavioral disorder, CLANIMAL advise you to train your dog even if it is small. Just for your dog to become clean and does not make its needs in your home, you will have several weeks of training in perspective, this reason is enough to put your puppy in a training school is not it?

So if someone in your entourage has a puppy for sale, do not adopt it systematically, make instead a research on its race to know whether this dog in particular is compatible with your way of life and character.

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