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Bernese Mountain Dog


The Bernese Mountain Dog , called in German the Berner Sennenhund , is a large-sized breed of dog , one of the four breeds of Sennenhund - type dogs from the Swiss Alps . This mountain dog was originally kept as a general farm dog . Large Sennenhunde in the past were also used as draft animals , pulling carts. The breed was officially established in 1907.


The breed standard for the Bernese mountain dog states that dogs should not be “aggressive, anxious or distinctly shy”, but rather should be “good-natured”, “self-assured”, “placid towards strangers”, and “docile”. The temperament of individual dogs may vary, and not all examples of the breed have been bred carefully to follow the standard. Bernese mountain dogs are a breed that generally does well with children, as they are very affectionate. Though they have great energy, a Bernese will also be happy with a calm evening. Bernese work well with other pets and around strangers.


Average, since Bernese are outdoor dogs at heart, though well-behaved in the house; they need activity and exercise, but do not have a great deal of endurance. They can move with amazing bursts of speed for their size when motivated.


Between 58–70 cm / Between 35–55 kg.




Tricolor (black, rust, and white).


Average: Bernese will require a brushing once a week (more in spring and fall, to keep its coat neat and reduce the amount of fur on the floor and furniture), also a bath about once every couple of months or so (depending on activity level is and dirt). Ears: weekly ear cleanings using a veterinarian-recommended cleanser.

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