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Golden Retriever


The Golden Retriever is a large-sized breed of dog bred as gun dogs to retrieve shot waterfowl such as ducks and upland game birds during hunting and shooting parties, and were named ‘retriever’ because of their ability to retrieve shot game undamaged. The Golden Retriever was originally bred in Scotland in the mid-19th century.


Golden Retrievers make good family pets. They are not “one-man dogs” and are generally equally amiable with both strangers and those familiar to them. Their trusting, gentle disposition makes them poor guard dogs. The Retriever is calm, naturally intelligent and biddable, and with an exceptional eagerness to please. Golden Retrievers are also noted for their intelligence. They will work until they collapse, so care should be taken to avoid overworking them.


Considerable and although they need substantial outdoor exercise, they should be housed in a fenced area because of their instinctual tendency to roam.


From 58 to 61 cm (M) and 55 and 57 cm / From 29-34 kg (M) and 27-32 kg (F).


Dense inner coat that provides adequate warmth in the outdoors, and an outer coat that lies flat against their bodies and repels water.


Any shades of gold or cream.


Considerable, they shed copiously, particularly at the change of seasons, and require fairly regular grooming.

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