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Deutsche Dogge (Great Dane)


The Deutsche Dogge originated in the city of Ulm in Germany. Barbarians named the Alans bred a mix of Greyhound and Mastiff, to combine the speed and agility of the Greyhound (for hunting) and the robustness of the Mastiff for protection. Bismark and Buffalo Bill were amongst well known Deutsche Dogge owners, as well as many Kings and Queens, for who the Deutsche Dogge was their protector of choice. In 1878, it was given the German nationality and thus became the official dog of Germany.


The Deutsche Dogge’s large and imposing appearance belies its friendly nature. They are known for seeking physical affection with their owners, and the breed is often referred to as a “gentle giant”. Deutsche Dogge are generally well disposed toward other dogs, other non-canine pets, and familiar humans. They generally do not exhibit extreme aggressiveness or a high prey drive. The Deutsche Dogge is a very gentle and loving animal and with the proper care and training is great around children, especially when being raised with them. However, if not properly socialized then a Deutsche Dogge may become fearful or aggressive towards new stimuli, such as strangers and new environments. Deutsche Dogge are a breed recommended for families provided that they get trained early and onwards,


Like most dogs, Deutsche Dogge require daily walks to maintain their health. However, it is important not to over exercise this breed, particularly when young. Deutsche Dogge puppies grow very large, very fast, which puts them at risk of joint and bone problems. Given their large size, Deutsche Dogge continue to grow (mostly gaining weight) longer than most dogs.


Min. 76 cm (M) and 71 cm (F) / Min. 54 kg (M) and 45 kg (F).


Short hair.


Fawn and brindle, harlequin and black, and blue.



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