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Miniature Pinscher


The Miniature Pinscher ( Zwergpinscher , Min Pin ) is a small breed of dog originating from Germany. The breed’s earliest ancestors may have included the German Pinscher mixed with Italian Greyhounds and Dachshunds.


His hackney-like action, fearless animation, complete self-possession, and spirited presence. Miniature Pinschers are for experienced dog owners. The Miniature Pinscher is an assertive, outgoing, active and independent breed. Miniature pinschers are energetic and need a fenced-in yard to run in; they make great agility dogs. They are great escape artists and some recommend having a kennel with a lid on it for them to run around in. They are good watch dogs, as they are alert and wary of strangers. It is recommended that adults and teenagers, rather than young children, play with a Miniature Pinscher as younger children play rough.


Average (unless not trained…then considerable). Pinschers are an active breed and need access to a fenced yard, or be given a daily walk.


Between 25 and 30 cm and weighing 3.5 kg.


Short and smooth, with no undercoat.


Solid red, stag red, blue stag red, chocolate stag red, fawn stag red, as well as black, chocolate, blue, and fawn with tan points or rust points.


Grooming is easy, as the smooth, short-haired coat requires little attention, needing only occasional brushing and shampooing.

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