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Give a voice to your convictions with Clanimal

At Clanimal, we firmly believe that petitions have the power to engage the general public and influence our decision-makers with regards to animal treatment.

That’s why we are offering the possibility to advertize existing petitions or provide you the means to create your own, for the good of our pets.

You may also consult all the petitions hosted on this website and decide if you’d like to help us on the causes for which you have an interest. Thanks!

Create your petition
Would you like to create a petition? If so, we can host it on this very website and help you manage it.
Display your petition
Would you like to provide more visibility to an existing petition that could benefit animals? If so, please submit it here and we’ll showcase it on our website and help it attain its goals.


You will find on this page a list of all public petitions we’re showcasing, thanks to our members.
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