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This form will provide us with the information required to create your petition and host it ourselves on our website.
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    All fields are required for your petition to be considered.
  • Enter the title of your petition, which will appear at the top of the petition form.
  • Enter the email address to which the petition will be sent. You may enter multiple email addresses, separated by commas.
  • Enter the subject of your petition email.
  • Include a greeting to the recipient of your petition, such as "Dear Sir," which will appear as the first line of the email.
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  • Enter a prepared tweet that will be presented to users when the Twitter button is clicked.
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  • Enter the number of signatures you hope to collect. This number is used to calculate the progress bar display.
  • Use this option to stop collecting signatures on a specific date.
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  • For administrative purposes only. Will not be published.
  • For administrative purposes only. Will not be published.
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