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The small dog, the one friendly called dog ​​toy, decorative dog, etc.

This type of dog was made very popular because many popular artists walk everywhere with this little dog under their arm. But contrary to popular belief, miniature dogs are not just for old ladies or girls billionaire. These small toy dogs will also be perfect for you if you need a little companion that you can bring anywhere with you.

But how to explain this growing love for small dogs? The reason is probably very simple and it finds its reason in the puppy factor, how not to fall in love with any type of puppy defenseless and that  easily licks your face once you approach them as the saying goes, there is no better psychiatrist than a puppy licking your face.

Small dogIn fact the small dog is neither more nor less than a perpetual puppy,

Often new dog owners will fall in love with a puppy, but once it grows up, they will simply lose interest with it, this is especially true with children. Then choose a small dog will satisfy those who like enormously puppies, logical right?

For those who live in smaller locations such as apartment buildings, the dog will be perfect because it does not take up much space, hard to imagine a Labrador in a two-room isn’t  it?

The maintenance cost for a small dog will be less than for a big one, and a small dog will live much longer than a large dog, is well known. For owners who do not like or can not often go out of their houses, the small dog will be less need to go out and it will even defecate on your balcony without problem.

There are still many benefits to own a small dog, even if it is not dangerous, it will make you an excellent alarm system on 24 hours. On the other hand, do not believe a small dog will be less dangerous than a big dog, some small dogs will not hesitate to bite anything that appears in front of their snouts, some will even be aggressive and not tolerate that you touch to their master.

Some training even for a small dog will be a good idea because even if your dog is small, it ignores it and it could develop similar behaviors than large guard dogs. So take the time to choose the small dog that will be perfect for you, CLANIMAL suggest you visit its website pages to find many informations about small dogs.

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