Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions that apply to the site and its members.
All users of the present service are obligatory members of Clanimal.com and fully agree as well as with full knowledge to be subjected to the terms and conditions of use of Clanimal.com website.

In addition, all users of the proposed services acknowledge that it is their sole and exclusive responsibility to show, at all times, discernment, diligence, prudence and foresight in their usage of the proposed services.

You fully and explicitly recognize and accept:

  1. That all services are proposed in « the state » in which it is publicised to Clanimal and  « depending on their availability »;
  2. That Clanimal, and its partners, expressly exclude any and all warranties and conditions of all types, explicit and/or implied and without being limited to, related to the qualities of the services offered;
  3. That Clanimal, and its partners do not guaranty :
    1. That services chosen will meet your requirements;
    2. That the said services are being given in a sure manner and without mistakes;
    3. That the quality of the said chosen will meet your expectations;
  4. That the usage of the chosen services is at your own discretion and that you are the sole responsible for any potential damages, losses and other inconveniences that results from it;
  5. That no proposition/referrals obtained from Clanimal will create  any form of guaranty, or in the case of referrals/comments from one of its members (system of satisfaction grading of the services used) shall only bind the members commenting /grading (when identifiable);
  6. That you hold Clanimal harmless of any claims resulting from direct and/or indirect damages, fortuitous , consequential to, or exemplary, whether  they are related to or not to loss of benefits, data or any other losses resulting :
    1. From the usage or impossibility of using the proposed services on Clanimal.com;
    2. From the cost of the proposed services on Clanimal.com;
    3. From any statement issued from third parties associated to the services proposed on Clanimal.com;

Exclusions and Limitations

Clanimal.com does not aim at excluding or limiting any benefit granted under the Law, warranty or responsibility that cannot be restricted legally.  Also, Clanimal recognizes that certain jurisdictions do not authorize the exclusion of certain types of warranties/conditions/limitations/exclusions of responsibilities for losses  stemming from negligence, breach of contract and/or a breach to general implicit conditions, or for collateral damages.

Consequently, only limitations described hereinbefore that do not conflict with the principles applicable in your jurisdiction applies to your situation and Clanimal responsibility will be therefore limited to legal parameters applicable in such a jurisdiction.

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