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Training a German shepherd is essential to ensure it a good development by showing it who is the head of the pack.

The German shepherd, like other dogs, has an innate tendency to blindly follow their leader if they respect them.

Training a German Shepherd brings a lot of fun, because it is a very clever animal. After a proper training, the German Shepherd will become your protector and your best friend. The German Shepherd has a great capacity for obedience and this probably explains why it is so easy to train.

Training a german shepherdYour German Shepherd will start to be trained from the age of 7 weeks.

You will be surprised how your German Shepherd will follow your orders, but it is recommended to start training with simple commands that can be in the form of games. Thereafter, you will increase their level of training so as to improve their skills gradually.

The German Shepherd will love perform tricks just because it likes it. You will have great fun learning it  new ones, but it is important to reward it every time with food when it learns one.

For the German shepherd, positive training will have better results. This kind of training is not using strong method to educate it, but aims to shape its behavior through positive reinforcement like to give it a reward when acting the way you want after a specific command . This method proscribed all that can physically hurt your dog.

Here is a method that we propose to begin training your German Shepherd.

When you want to teach your dog to sit on command, start with food and put it directly under its nose, just a bit up. This action will force your dog to fall back on its hind legs and push its butt down to make it sit down. Whenever you raise the food, tell it firmly “sit.” If your dog obeys, give it some food commending and caressing. This approach is the best way for a German Shepherd.

But if you want a complete training program for your German Shepherd, go in a official training school. You and your dog will have hours of fun and thanks to this, you will develop a great relationship with your German Shepherd.

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